The curriculum of the first cycle Transport Engineering

The aims of the program Transport Engineering are aimed at students and include:

  • Adoption of basic knowledge in disciplines that enable the understanding and discussing these matters and facilitate communication with other professionals and promotes the multidisciplinary nature of work teamson which the engineers of road transport basic studies will be addressed in the workplace.
  • Adoption of the necessary knowledge in information technology and computer qualities to the aim of mastering the basic programming packages that are used in general business and computer use.
    Learning basic analytical techniques, processing and presentation of results and analyzes in traffic.
  • Training for fast and efficient inclusion of graduates in business process and effective professional engagement in the workplace.
  • Developing the confidence and security of graduates in their knowledge and skills , and the ability for critical and self-critical approach in the opinion.
  • Increasing awareness of the need for continuing education and training during the entire professional career of graduates .

Construction of professional ethics in the work and responsibilities at work.

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